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How to feel or experience chit pranan

How to feel or experience chit pranan

What is Chit Pranan ?
Chit Pranan is called as Jeevan.
It is came from Athma
Athma came from Sivam that is God.
If you want to feel or experience the Jeevan and Athma means
First you know about the state of that.
Athma is not a sthoola state. it is sookshuma state.
you see the sthula material by your sthula eye.
If you want to see the air means you only feel. not see the air.
The Athman is sukshuma that's why we can't see it.
But one way is there to feel and see the Athma.
The main abstacle to see or feel the Athma is Mind.
The mind's main duty is get you in to outer conciuos.
But the Athma is in inner conciuos.
outer concious mind can't see or feel Athma.
The only way to see or feel the Athma is you divert your outer concious to inner concious.
Then you get the experience of conciousless stage that is called Thuriyam.
It is also like sleeping but it is not true sleeping it is conciousless mind.
after that you become SUPER INNER CONCIOUS
then you see the sit praanan
If your outer concious is working means you cant feel or see the Sit Pranan.
There are many more ways to see the Sit pranan
1. Sariyayil Gnanam
2. Kiriya Yogam
3. Kiriya Gnanam
4. Yoga Kirya
5. Yoga Gnanam
6. Gnana Yogam
7. Gnana Gnanam

If you want permanently mingled with God means you choose only Gnana Yogam.
That is Sutha Sanmaarkam. It is 15th stage of 16 Levels.
If you practice Sutha Sanmaarkam means you easily enter the 16 th Stage of Ganana Gnanam.
Except these all the ways are only see or feel the Athman.
But not able to continue there.

Thanking you
yours Brotherly Athman
Nakinam Sivam

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