Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mukthi and Siddhi

What is meant by Mukthi and Siddhi ? How can we attain Mukthi and Siddhi ?

Mukthi enbathu munnurum saathanam
Sitthi enbathu nilai serntha Anubavam

There are two levels to attain God's Grace and Mingle withShivam that is God.
One stage is Mukthi and the another stage is Sitthi
What is the difference between Mukthi and Sitthi ?
First we understand what is Mukthi and Sitthi.

Mukthi :
Most of the Gnanis are mingled with the Shivam. That is their Athma and Jeevan mingled with God but the body doesn't mingle with Shivam.
They get Samaathi stage.
What is Samaathi Stage ?
Samaathi is nothing but your mind mingle in your Jeevan.
Your outer concious get back to innner concious.
After that your inner concious is also lost.
In this stage you are not there why because
You lost your inner concious and outer concious.
You are not able to know what is happening in this stage.
That concious of I is lost.
At this stage you mingled with Param that is Shivam that is God.
But You are not able to experience the Mingle with God.
Why because you are mingled with God.
There is no YOU.

Sitthi :
Sitthi is nothing but same as Mukthi but some difference is there.
In Sitthi Your mind mingled with Jeevan and Jeevan Mingled with Athma
But the Athma is in Concious and know the
Level and Mingled with Shivam.
Before Sitthi our material body is changed and get power
to mingle with God.
The Material body changed in to Sukshuma body.
The sukshuma body having only Athma concious
not with mind's inner concious and outer concious.
In Sitthi your athma gets the experience of
Mingled with God.
Your Athma return back after Mingled with God.
After that you know all the truth of the Universe.
There is no abstacles to your body and Athma.

All these two stages are attained only with God's Grace
Your Older experience (Mur Piravi) in study this subject.
Totally destroyed Mind's Level.
In Mukthi and Sitthi if your mind is working in inner concious or
outer concious level means you are not enter even in to the first stage.
Mind is the main abstacle to know the God.
Mindless Athma is only able to know the God and mingled with God.

It is not easy to explain all the stages in Mukthi and Sitthi.
why because there is no words to explain all the stages.

I try to explain my best level.

Thanking you
Brotherly Athman
Nakinam Sivam

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